Efficient Tea Brewing

by Thomas LaCosta on November 3, 2013

This post is totally off topic, but I was reading an article recently which said that a huge amount of money and energy is wasted when people brew tea at home because they heat way too much water.

(Here is a link to an article that says the British alone waste 68 Million Pounds in water and energy costs because of overfilling tea kettles.)

Here’s the deal:  When you heat a liter of water for a single cup of tea, you are wasting a lot of energy to bring the extra water to a boil.  When you pour the extra water down the drain, you essentially are pouring money down the drain.  (Plus, you waste all that fossil fuel heating the water.)

But, there is an easy way to save the energy and money.  And it’s simple.

Step One:  Fill your tea cup with the amount of water you need to brew a cup.

water in a glass cup

Step Two:  Pour water into empty tea kettle.

electric tea kettle

Step Three:  Heat Water.

Step Four:  Brew tea and enjoy.

green tea brewing

Simple right?

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